Introducing Becca Caddy

Hello, I’m Becca and I’m from Scarborough, a small coastal town which everyone seems to find really fun and novel when I tell them that’s where I live. Unfortunately, It was neither of those things growing up and that’s probably why I’ve enjoyed living in a lively city like Leeds for the past three years.

After completing an English degree at the University of Leeds I have just begun an MA in Public Relations at Leeds Metropolitan University. So, when fellow students shout about the competition between met and uni I’m a bit of a misfit and tend to keep quiet. I’m already really enjoying my course and probably feel far too excited about the fact that I have finally decided which area I want to work in after toying with the idea of every profession up until now.

I found my degree very demanding so although I sat and worried about my career, my future, my aspirations and all the work experience I should be getting I didn’t actually go out and do much about it. However, now I’m back in education, very focused and extremely passionate about pursuing a career in PR. If anything my indecisiveness has made me even more determined to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible.

This is why I’m very happy to have secured some experience alongside the start of my course, at Wolfstar. As I am only learning the basics of PR at the moment I have yet to find out which area interests me the most. However, I am intrigued about the power of the internet in regards to public relations and communications so feel that my experience at Wolfstar will be extremely rewarding.

As well as enjoying my course at the moment I also love interesting accents, Christmas time and being by the sea. Oh, and I have a bit of an obsession with the cinema and day trips to Ikea.

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