Wolfstar – Monthly Round Up – July

July has been a hectic month in the headlines, particularly for sport. With the shattered hopes and dreams at the World Cup and the devastating realisation that football is in fact, not coming home; Djokovic reigning supreme for 4th time at Wimbledon against Kevin Anderson, paired with the hot weather and record-breaking temperatures – July has been a month of beer gardens, BBQ’s and garden parties. And of course, Love Island taking over.

So, we forgive you if you missed any of the major PR and media stories (I think a few of us had sore heads after England’s quarter final win): here, we have your back, and present to you everything you need to know.

Instagram’s ‘Anonymous’ Question Feature

Instagram launched a new feature (surprise!) this month – the ‘anonymous’ question and answer function.

Following the footsteps of the old Formspring and Ask.fm, users declared their undying love for other users, traded insults that they would never say in person, and generally just asked embarrassing questions: only to find out it wasn’t actually anonymous. Ouch! It’s fair to say there was some uproar about the confusion.

Twitter’s Fake Account Clear Out

Twitter has reportedly closed down 70 million fake accounts. That’s a lot of retweeting, picture liking, reposting bots. This was an attempt to ‘clean up’ the platform and improve conversation, with a number of bots spamming, abusing and polluting the social media space.

It also had a huge impact on social media influencers and celebrities who, in some cases, lost hundreds of thousands of followers.

Social Media Apps: Addictive?

It’s been reported recently that social media giants are deliberately making users addicted to their platforms for a financial gain.

Since Mr Raskin designed the infinite scroll feature in 2006, we have been endlessly and mindlessly scrolling down our feed, through people’s holiday pictures who we went to school with, couple photos, insights in to what people are having for dinner, and oh look, another cute dog video! This is allregarded as highly habit forming, whichMr Raskin describes as ‘impulse’, as you don’t have to give your brain time to catch up with your actions: you just keep on scrolling.

It’s the same with likes, when your feeling insecure, lonely or need validation, users reach for their phone. We all do it – and it was purposely built to be addictive, researchers have even found that when we obtain likes, endorphins are released similar to when we see loved ones or do exercise.

Some other PR and social media-y stuff:

Facebooks’ stock price fell by 20% after latest quarterly earnings showed a lack of user growth in major markets. This resulted in more than $118 billion being removed from the value of the company.

Lastly, Budweiser won the World Cup on Twitter: they received more mentions and interactions than any other brands by having an excellent PR strategy understanding the passion point of fans.

Its certainly been a busy month in the news for social platforms this July. See you next time folks, for Augusts’ round-up!

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