Pack Profile – Chris

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Originally from the North East, I moved to Leeds to study at University and have stayed here since, delivering PR with a soft Geordie accent. I’d consider myself an approachable and friendly chap, passionate about my career.

A defining characteristic is my height as I stand at 6 ft 3 and ‚¾, but not yet 6 ft 4. It’s something which I’m often quizzed on/mocked by the Wolfstar team. I’ve not yet escalated it to HR.

I’m a lover of many different kinds of music and Saturday is usually football-related. ‚ When not at work I’m usually on a train travelling somewhere for the weekend.

What is your main role at Wolfstar/ What does a typical day look like?

I’m an Account Manager at Wolfstar which sees me manage the day-to-day activity of the agency on a number of clients, as well as getting involved in strategy, planning and reporting.

A typical day is a hard one to describe as it differs but there’s usually a lot of phone calls, some copywriting, proofing, social media monitoring, advertising and liaison with journalists.

I’m here to ensure our clients get a high level of service every week. If this ship has sailed smoothly from Monday to Friday then I’m happy.

What is your Best Moment in PR?

I’ve had some good ones but winning the gold CIPR Corporate and Business Communications award for a campaign we ran in 2015 is the best. Something I’m enormously proud of.

Who would be your Dream Client?

I’d say Levi’s – a historic brand which just seems to maintain its cool. I think there would be so much to go at in terms of creative campaigns.‚ 

What’s an Interesting Fact or Special Talent about yourself?

An interesting fact? I was part of one of the most bizarre statistics of the noughties: being one of those ‘injured whilst playing the Nintendo Wii’.

Yes, one evening I picked up those lethal white sticks and maybe got a bit carried away, hitting a glass light and all but slicing my finger off. Straight to A&E to sit and be asked: “how did you do this?

“Wii basketball, pal.

What would you be doing if you didn’t do PR?

A dream of mine is to own my own bar. I’ve considered the music, the dƒ©cor, the ambience, the alcohol selection. It’s something that I’d love to do.

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