Wolfstar – Monthly Round Up – April

So, the sun actually raised its head for the first time in 2018 this month and while Brits flocked to cramped beer gardens and BBQ coal sold out across the country, there was a whole host of social media and PR news happening around it.

Here’s what you might have missed whilst enjoying the weather.

Wetherspoons goes incommunicado

Quite a relevant one to kick off with, is the news that Wetherspoons has closed down all of its social media accounts to its head office and 900 affiliate pubs.

This news came after the boss said “people spend too much time on social media and “struggle to control the compulsion – you know because the product you’re selling is really easy to give up whenever you want and doesn’t cause any problems ?.

Anyway, in a statement Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin claimed that “closing these accounts will not affect our business whatsoever

Only time will tell if he’s correct.

MoneySavingExpert to sue Facebook

Not a day goes by recently where Facebook doesn’t feature in the news, from the Cambridge Analytica Scandal to the Facial Recognition hoo-ha, they’re filling column inches and causing headlines across the globe.

Unfortunately, for Zuckerberg and co. it’s not always positive and the most recent story comes in the shape of a lawsuit from Martin Lewis.

The money saving guru has launched a defamation case against the social media giant for continually ignoring his pleas to remove false advertisements featuring his image.

This isn’t a case of making money though for the MoneySavingExpert founder, but making a point, as he’s pledged to donate any money he receives to charity.

The 20-minute gap in the timeline

As we pulled the screen down and stared at the spinning circle going around and around on our phone it became scarily evident that Twitter had in fact gone down!

Though, out of adversity, true heroes are born, and during the harrowing 20 minutes that the site didn’t load, people had time to plan what witty retorts they would return with.

Here are a couple of our favourites;



Some other social media-y stuff:

HQ Trivia takes the country by storm, Jeremy Hunt has threatened to get tough on social media giants if they continue “turning a blind eye over their impact on children and following the news about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica – indy100 released a great article on things to consider erasing from Facebook.

If the sunshine is here to stay, we’ll forgive you for not keeping up to date with everything that’s going on within the world of PR and social media in May, so check back here at the end of the month and we’ll bring you right up to speed.

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