Pack Profile – Francesca

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 23-year-old, Leeds resident, Durham University graduate, lover of all things gin and adventure.

Having completed work experience with directors Marie and Claire during my time at university, I was offered a position at Wolfstar and have been living the PR dream ever since.

An enthusiast for weekend get-aways and anything adventurous, I can be found liaising with the press during the week and attempting a new activity at the weekend.


What is your main role at Wolfstar/ What does a typical day look like?

As a Senior Account Executive at Wolfstar, no two days are identical. Wolfstar-wise I’m the go-to girl for holiday managing and party-organising. PR and social media-wise, my main duties include drafting social media posts, creating press releases, proofing copy and heading to the Big Smoke to make journalists my best friends.

What is your Best Moment in PR?

I’ve had so many favourite moments that it’s difficult to choose just one! From collaborating with Mulberry to launching a dog-friendly wrapping paper with Monster Pet Supplies, each client brings along amazing moments.

My most surprising day at Wolfstar was back in March 2016 when a video that we created for a client went viral on Facebook. I sold the video into the press and this led to a ‘share’ on Facebook by House & Garden magazine, snowballing it into reaching over three million people and securing one million views, in just four days! It was a day that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

More recently, I was shortlisted for PR Moments ‘Young Professional of the Year’ award, which was very exciting and included going to a glitzy awards night.


Who would be your Dream Client?

As confessed earlier, I am partial to a gin and tonic or two. My absolute favourite gin brand has to be the British-made Brockmans. Not only does it taste amazing, I love how adventurous Brockmans is with its PR stunts and would love to be involved in the creative process of developing its campaigns.

Brockmans – please get in touch: and bring the gin, I’ll provide the tonic.


What’s an Interesting Fact or Special Talent about yourself?

During my time at university I was a member of my college’s Ultimate Frisbee team. With the rules floating somewhere between netball and rugby, I promise it is a lot more fun and physical than it sounds.

What would you be doing if you didn’t do PR?

As a child, the dream of becoming a dolphin trainer was at an all time high. However, with a severe lack of dolphins in Leeds, the dream quickly died and PR became the focus.

With a degree in business, if I wasn’t working in PR I believe I’d still be somewhere within the business world creating content, but hopefully at a company that has offices located in a warmer climate.

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