Wolfstar – Monthly Round Up – May

The Royal Wedding, FA Cup and Champions League Finals, glorious sunshine, a couple of bank holiday weekends, oh and the dreaded GDPR deadline – it’s safe to say May was a busy one.

With that in mind, we’ll let you off if you didn’t keep up to date with all the PR and social media news last month – never fear though, as trusty Wolfstar is ever reliable when it comes to sifting through the news and rounding up the biggest stories in one lovely little bundle.

So, here’s some of the things that may have passed you by.

Deadpool 2 Alternative DVDs

Sometimes people just get it right! And the marketing team for Deadpool 2 have certainly done that. From an apology to David Beckham, to a hilarious music video with Celine Dion, they’ve nailed a number of brilliant campaigns, and with Ryan Reynolds fronting the activity you’re always on to a winner, I mean you can’t not love that guy!

Our favourite part of the marketing strategy was a genius example of guerrilla marketing, which must be seen to be fully appreciated, so here you go:

And another…

Here’s some more of the best Deadpool 2 marketing you might have missed.

Donald blocked from blocking

In what was a landmark case relating to social media, a judge ruled in May that US President Donald Trump is not permitted to block people on Twitter.

This stems from President Trump’s decision to block a number of his online critics as he didn’t agree with their views. The judge argued this violated the right to free speech and ordered Trump to cease this practice.

Looks like you might have to spend a little less time on Twitter if you don’t want to see what the mean people are saying about you Mr President.

Yanny or Laurel?

A major case of dƒ©jƒ  vu and bringing back memories of a certain blue and black, (or was it white and gold?) dress, the latest phenomenon to sweep social media happened in May. – So, what did you hear Yanny or Laurel?

We’re a 50/50 split in the office, interestingly most of the men went for Laurel and the women heard Yanny.

If you haven’t heard you can listen here, let us know what you hear:

Some other PR and social media-y stuff:

Following the Facebook data scandal Cambridge Analytica filed for bankruptcy after losing “virtually all of its customers, however, some have claimed they were simply starting a fresh and rebranding. It will be interesting to see if they re-emerge soon. In the aftermath of the scandal a study found the revelations didn’t do much damage to Facebook as fans remained loyal to the platform.

Finally, YouTube landed themselves in hot water over advertisements that promoted cheating on essays, #Gammon trended on Twitter, an a certain Royal Wedding themed swimsuit filled the column inches.

May certainly was a busy one in the industry and for news in general. We’re looking forward to seeing what stories and campaigns develop in June – especially with a certain footballing tournament on the horizon.

See you next month for another roundup of the biggest and the best news in PR and social media.

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