The Green, Green Grass of Gardening PR

Over a number of years, working with clients in the gardening industry, it’s safe to say we’ve learnt a thing or two about gardening PR. As an agency, we know what it takes to successfully manage accounts dedicated to the greener things in life, generating awareness around key product lines and the benefits at the right time, to the right audience.

Here, we look at some of the main stems of gardening PR – things you should be considering if you’re a brand looking to generate awareness.

Consumer vs. Trade

Often gardening brands market to different audiences. For example, if a brand manufactures hedge trimmers it may be that it has consumer models, lower in price but available to buy off the shelves of local Homebase stores, but also professional products, packed full of power which pro gardeners or landscape designers turn to for prolonged usage.

With this in mind, it’s important you know your audience; what they read, what websites they visit and who they’re influenced by. Consumer and trade audiences in the gardening sphere are likely to be completely separate, meaning when developing a strategy, you should split the two (or more) audiences and plan your activity accordingly.

Your consumer, casual audience may be more focused on price, how any given product looks and how much space it takes up in the shed whereas a trade audience will want to know the average run time, how ergonomically friendly the product is, and does it come with an interchangeable battery?

As communicators, it’s important for us to get these messages into any material created, generating positive coverage for the brand in an informative and effective way.


We’re not known for having the most luscious summers in the UK however despite this fact we are still passionate gardeners. Perhaps the grass courts of Wimbledon or the Premier League’s beautiful surfaces triggers something deep within our psyche, “Oooh, I must remember to cut the lawn.

If you’re planning a big campaign around the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, don’t leave it until a month before. Seasonality is a big consideration when running a gardening PR account, especially when dealing with consumer magazines. If you want your product to be featured or reviewed in Spring/Summer, you better make sure you’re doing the groundwork in the winter months as they work in advance.

This, of course, means that coverage comes most prominently in the spring and summertime however if you’re lucky enough to work with brands who have a large year-round product range you should have a calendar of what to push at what time.


Without giving away too much information, relationships really are key when it comes to generating gardening coverage. Not all news outlets/website/magazines have dedicated gardening writers, in fact very little do, meaning building a network of contacts regularly commissioned to write on their behalf is the smart move.

We’ve built up relationships with journalists and influencers alike who make the difference for our clients when the grass begins to grow each year.

Of course, we’ve merely taken the tools out of the shed here, we’ve not even put our gloves on. Still peering over the hedge wondering how we get it looking so good each year? Come and knock on our door for a chat.

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