A Guide to Marketing During The World Cup

Unless you are lucky enough to be one of the few sponsors of the World Cup in Russia this year, you’ll need to be especially careful about mentioning the tournament on your brand social media channels or through wider marketing and PR activity.

The weeks of Football provide a wealth of social media marketing and PR opportunities, for any business. Whatever your business, whether you want to drive footfall to your bar showing the games, or you are a personal banking facilitator, there are ways to engage your customers and reach new ones without an expensive slap on the wrist from FIFA.

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Here’s some inspiration on how to stay on-side with your marketing around the World Cup.

  • Social media competitions – Host a classic spot the ball competition or ask customers to share their goal celebration in video format. Don’t forget to host the competition details on your site, to help drive traffic and boost your SEO.
  • Public Relations – Release a limited edition product to celebrate The World Cup – a red and white cocktail for a bar, a flag themed dog collar. Whatever it is, be original and be the first. Make sure to take good photos and video footage, to boost your chances of coverage.
  • Marketing – Create a resource on your website that helps fans learn more about the game, where they can watch it, even down to the best snacks and drinks to consume in times of stress and celebration. Use this content in your email newsletters and social channels.

Remember to have fun with it, it’s a fantastic chance to add value to your customers at a time that only happens once every four years. Create experiences for them that will leave your brand in their mind, long after England are on the early plane home…

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Further reading: http://www.fifa.com/about-fifa/marketing/brand-protection/prohibited-marketing-activities.html

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