Pack Profile – Caroline

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Anyone who knows me will probably tell you I’m really quite smug about getting to do my hobby for a living but, when I’m not lovingly pushing pixels, I like to amble around art galleries, take road trips to the coast, old music and even older movies, wandering, Brooklyn, Stockholm, summer and standing‚ out in the rain. I have a weakness for vintage furniture, old records, plays, secondhand bookshops,‚ Wes Anderson movies, westerns, vintage horror films, crisps, coffee and cheese!

What is your main role at Wolfstar/ What does a typical day look like?

I’m Head of Creative at Wolfstar which, in a nutshell, means I work with the team to create, plan and deliver a strategic vision for our clients. I’m responsible for the creative philosophy and the standard of the creative output Wolfstar delivers.

Apart from the obligatory morning cuppa, there’s no typical day for me really. With such a variety of work and clients, no two days are ever the same, that’s a big part of the reason I love my job so much.

What do you think the best and worst things about being a designer are?

The best thing about my job is that I get to do something I love every day. It’s enormously fulfilling, and it gives me a massive amount of satisfaction and pride. I’ve always been fascinated by the creative process and the ideas behind design but the end result, when I get to see my work out there in the world, it’s just so incredibly rewarding.

Working for Wolfstar allows me to work with clients of all shapes and sizes and I love researching, brainstorming ideas and immersing myself in whatever industry my latest brief is for. It’s not just enjoyable, it also enables me to understand and interpret what the client is looking for which, in turn, helps me deliver work that we can both be proud of.

The hardest thing about being a designer is probably the long hours when you’re working toward tight deadlines. Although I definitely think it’s easier to be motivated and driven when you’re doing a job you love, sometimes it’s difficult for people to understand the time involved in creating a piece of design work. We all have those disheartening days when the creative tank is running low but, even on the days when you feel at your creative best, the process can take time. That’s especially true if you want to do a good job and why wouldn’t you always want that?

Who would be your dream client?

I love creating in the kitchen and I’m a bit of a foodie. Wherever possible I try to shop locally and seek out regional produce. I’d love to combine my loves by working with exciting businesses with proudly Yorkshire roots. Filmore and Union and Keelham Farm Shop for example and, as a proud Bradfordian, I’d love to work with Bradford based businesses like Gordon Rhodes and Seabrook Crisps (slight addiction)!

Tell us an interesting fact or special talent about you?

Up until I was six years old all I wanted to be was a tooth fairy. When I sadly discovered the fairy industry wasn’t really a viable career option I fortunately found something else I could get my teeth into and pursued the creative path which happily led me here to Wolfstar.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a graphic designer?

It’s probably the obvious answer but if I wasn’t a graphic designer I’d be a bit lost. It’s just part of me and it has been since the first buzz I got from having my childhood crayon drawings stuck up on our family fridge. If my six year old self could see me now, she’d never have dreamed of being a tooth fairy – this feels just as magical!

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