Wolfstar – Monthly Round Up – October

October is over and with it the last of the warmth for 2018.

For all of you who enjoyed the golden autumn outside and maybe missed what was happening in the social media and PR world, here is our monthly round-up from Wolfstar’s German intern, Kathrin, to bring you up to date.

Google+ will close its doors in August 2019

Let’s be honest, are you still using Google+ these days? Probably not. And there’s no wonder, because 90% of all G+ sessions are less than five seconds long.

However, this wasn’t the reason for then end of Google+. The much bigger issue is the major data leak Google+ suffered in March this year. The breach exposed almost half a million G+ users’ private data, which meant they were made available to app developers. And the worst part about the whole debacle was Google tried to cover it up, with it only coming to light this month.

These two things combined has meant Google+ can no longer continue.

But don’t worry. If you’re one of the few active users left, you still have 9 months left to save your data and search for a new platform.

Welcome to the new Messenger

Did you see the breaking news from Facebook in October?

Messenger 4 has arrived and will be rolled out globally over the coming weeks. So, what’s new, and what’s stayed the same?

It’s simpler

You’ll now have just three tabs instead of nine, making it much easier to find all the features you need. There’s the “Chats tab (for one-to-one and groups), the “Peoples tab (finding friends, catch up stories, see who’s online) and the “Discover tab (getting connected with businesses).

It’s more powerful

You now have the possibility to personalise your chats and express yourself more, with emojis, colour schemes and chat nicknames.

It’s familiar

All the positive features, like sharing live locations, group video chats and game challenges have all remained.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, as Facebook also announced is has more cards up its sleeve. I’m sure like us you’ll be waiting with baited breath.

Bored of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co.?

There’s some new kids on the social media block! Of course, they’re not as popular as the giants just yet, but who knows what the future lies for these fledgling platforms.

Let’s take a look at the options if you’re sick of bickering on Twitter; Instagram’s endless avocados on toast and the viral videos on Facebook.

MeWe: The “Next-Gen Social Network a platform which has ambitious plans to take on Facebook and Twitter. Mark Weinstein, MeWe’s founder, thinks we need to replace Facebook as the company has become too powerful.

Gab.ai: A bit like Twitter, with 300 characters to get your point across. But be careful, Gab doesn’t censor its users and as such has been criticised for being a breeding ground for hate speech.

Diaspora: This channel doesn’t have one specific owner. So, there are no advertisements, and no one collects any data from you. You’re responsible for your own data and get the possibility to categorise people in different groups (friends, family, work) to manage what they see or don’t.


Social media platforms and their followers are getting more and more important to businesses. Losing your followers means losing money.

Take a look at these 5 easy rules to avoid that happening. And while we’re talking about followers, here’s an interesting piece featuring some honest insight from social media stars about how lonely their life is even with millions of followers.

Finally, in what has seemed like a very, very busy month for Facebook, it succumbed to pressure from many angles and acknowledged the need to make political adverts more transparent.

Check back here, same place, same time next month for all the fireworks from the world of PR and social media in November.

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