Supporting Scotty’s – The Wolfstar Ration Challenge

Next week we get cracking with The Wolfstar Ration Challenge, for five days the whole Wolfstar pack will live on basic food supplies to help raise money for a charity that is very close to our hearts. Scotty’s Little Soldiers is not only an incredible charity, they are also our clients, our friends and a constant inspiration.‚ 

Scotty’s Little Soldiers – fondly‚ referred to as Scotty’s – is a British charity which tirelessly supports children whose parents have died while serving in the armed forces. It was founded in 2010 by the awe-inspiring Nikki Scott after her husband Corporal Lee “Scotty” Scott was killed in 2009 while on active service in Afghanistan.‚ Motivated by her own experiences and those of her children after Lee’s death, Nikki set up the charity which offers its members valuable support with everything from outings and gifts to family support and assistance with personal development. The Scotty’s‚ annual‚ Christmas party, for‚ example, is legendary and the children begin an August countdown to it every year!

Scotty’s Little Soldier’s contribution to the lives of its members is‚ immeasurable and, to show our support, we came up with a military themed‚ challenge that we feel will definitely test our resolve. Inspired by wartime rations, we will need to be creative as we embark on five days of cooking and eating from a basic pack of supplies which includes one egg, a large potato, ten tea bags and a tin of Spam!

As a bunch of self-confessed foodies this isn’t going to be an easy week for us but then no challenge should ever be easy, right?

We are a close team and there’s no doubt we’ll support each other and pull together when hunger strikes – although somehow I already seem to have been cheated out of my bacon rations, which I have been hoodwinked into swapping for one stick of celery!

Although we will definitely have fun and surely rise to the challenge (it’s the Wolfstar way), there is only one real reason we are undertaking this‚ exercise; we want to raise money for Scotty’s and help them continue to support all their‚ marvellous‚ members, now and in the future.

‚ Please, if you can, help us support Scotty’s Little Soldiers with a donation of as much or as little as you can. Any donation at all will help us achieve what we set out to do,‚ to send Scotty’s a clear message – we think you’re amazing.‚ 

Find out more about Scotty’s Little Soldiers and please‚ visit our Just Giving page to sponsor our challenge.

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