It’s certainly been a busy start to 2019 in the world of PR and social media. We’ve seen advertising campaigns that challenge gender roles, an insight into how exceptionally powerful influencer marketing can be and an egg that got A LOT of likes on Instagram. So, let’s delve right in.

Fyre Festival

This month, both Hulu and Netflix released documentaries about Fyre Festival, the greatest festival that never was.

Fyre Festival was an event marketed for the high-flying millennial, that promised a dreamy Caribbean island, exquisite food and the biggest influencers and music acts.

The reality, however, was a complete sham with flooded tents, a serious lack of organisation, no acts and “gourmet food: see here:

The festival was mainly marketed through influencers over Instagram with what turned out to be a pretty powerful orange square – a blank, coloured image which they shared at a scheduled time.
The whole thing, as colossally shambolic as it turned out to be, was an incredible example of the power of influencer marketing – they sold a dream of the world’s best festival and tickets which cost thousands of dollars sold out in minutes.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t have any clue how to organise a festival and the mastermind behind the whole thing is currently serving a jail term for fraud.

If you’ve not watched either documentary, we can definitely recommend them, you’ll be shocked at the length some people go when they’re pushed to their limits:


In January, the game changed for online influencers.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have determined that influencers such as; Zoella, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding could be breaking the law when posting promoted content on their social media channels, arguing that it’s not clear enough to determine whether a post is an ad or not.
In response, sixteen of the top influencers have vowed to change their own policies to be clearer when posting promoted posts.

However, it has received a lot of criticism and caused a lot of confusion within the industry as to who has to declare what and when, and what you actually have to declare.

Are you following this? No, neither are a lot of people.

If you want to read up on the topic, the full government guidelines entitled “Social media endorsements: being transparent with your followers can be viewed here.

Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll

Greggs were at it again in January with another excellently executed campaign, this time launching the first ever vegan sausage roll.

The whole campaign poked fun at the huge stylised launches of the Apple iPhone, even going as far as delivering individually packaged vegan sausage rolls to journalists and influencers.

The whole thing caused a few people to, well overreact, with the usual shouty suspects (most notably Piers Morgan) getting up in arms about a bit of pastry. This only played into the hands of Greggs as it expertly responded to any negativity in its usual humorous style, leading to #VeganSausageRoll trending on Twitter.

Keep doing you Greggs!

Gillette’s #MeToo Advert

It’s not every day that an advert gets two million views in just 48 hours, but that’s what happened to Gillette’s #MeToo inspired campaign.

The short film explores the subject of toxic masculinity and aligns with the recent #MeToo movement in Hollywood.

Gillette’s president Gary Coombe commented; “By holding each other accountable, eliminating excuses for bad behaviour, and supporting a new generation working toward their personal ‘best’ we can help create positive change that will matter for years to come.”

The film has split opinion online somewhat, with some posting #BoycottGillette and others applauding the brave step forward.

Oh, and have a guess who was up in arms again:yep, Piers Morgan, is there nothing that doesn’t annoy this man:maybe just the sound of his own voice?

Anyway, for a brand that has ticked along for a while, it has certainly got a lot of people talking about them and thrust them into the public eye.


Finally, January saw an egg get over 50million likes on Instagram, beating the previous record set by Kylie Jenner of 18 million likes and Tesco celebrated its 100-year anniversary with a great social media campaign that involved the return of the holy grail of nostalgia – the 10p freddo. A simple but effective masterstroke that saw it receive significant engagement online.

So, another month has flown by, and another busy one at that. See you at the end of February for all the latest news from the industry.

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