It seems to be a current trend, a very positive trend, to raise awareness of social issues to help elevate a brand’s status as a forward-thinking, global performer. Last month we saw the controversial Gillette advert that questioned toxic masculinity. Its primary intention seemed to be sparking debate, but Gillette was all over social media that week. Powerful indeed!

Nike ‘Dream Crazier’ Ad

In 2018, Nike ran a political theme through their advert, which featured Colin Kaepernick, an NFL player who sat down during The Star-Spangled Banner as a protest against the treatment of African Americans. Replicating that push for social interaction, Nike decided to follow up this year’s advert with a similarly politically charged theme.

Nike’s new ‘Dream Crazier’ advert addresses a lot of issues that female athletes face while competing in sports they love. Narrators such as Serena Williams, Simone Biles and Chloe Kim recite some of the sexist criticism they have received to shine a light on the issue. “If we show emotion, we’re called dramatic” they say, and “When we stand for something, we’re unhinged”, before ending with: “Show them what crazy can do.” This genius advert really tackles some prominent gender role issues, and similarly to the Gillette advert, everyone with social media had it in their featured timelines.

Mashable described this year’s advert as ‘an empowering visual love letter to women’ which we think sums it up perfectly. The ad is dramatically powerful, empowering and relevant. Well done Nike.

“Bet regret” Campaign Launches

The largest ever gambling awareness campaign has just launched. Aimed at young men, who are apparently most at risk of becoming addicted to gambling. The advert consists of a guy who places a bet and is then teleported to a pitch alongside football commentators Matt Smith, Dean Saunders and Danny Gabbidon who begin to question him about the reasoning behind betting.

Around 25,000 children aged 11 to 16 are classed as being gambling addicts so Gamble Aware’s advert does an important job as it highlights the high amount of young people and adults gambling.

It’s an eye-opening advert, especially when it discusses the concern of losing a whole bank account’s worth of money, something that would keep anyone up at night. The use of top football commentators helps to enforce the message, as these are the respected voices of the sport.

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn has released ‘LinkedIn Live’, a livestream service. Maybe LinkedIn is a bit late to the party, but this new function is perfect for conferences and business talks on a global scale. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, users can live comment, playback and share the live content all within the familiar B2B platform.

After launching sponsored video content early last year, LinkedIn found that users are 20 times more likely to share video content which means the move to livestream makes a lot of sense. You can imagine businesses utilising this to promote B2B through live product launches and presentations or as Ted Talks style Q+As.


Mcdonald’s is halfway through another Grand Mac campaign asking people “Is a Big Mac with bacon still a Big Mac?, Samsung, LG and Huawei have released foldable smartphones this month through live stream social media and, as with every year at the Oscars, companies jumped on the hype to get involved on social media. Here are some of the highlights of this from this year, including an unexpected treat for mayo moguls Hellmann’s.

As we wave a fond farewell to a month which saw the hottest February day on record, we’ll be back again at the end of March to see if the start of spring brings any industry surprises.

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