Leeds PR Agency, Wolfstar, wraps up some of the biggest stories in digital marketing from October

October brings pumpkins, spiced lattes, crunchy leaves, sweater weather, log fires and Halloween – it’s a month with lots going on, plus lots of change.

With the darker night’s drawing in, it’s time to settle down with a warming hot drink and take a read of our October monthly round up. It includes big stories from the digital marketing world, which our Leeds-based PR team think are more than worthwhile knowing about. There’s some juicy reactive social media marketing, speculated rumours confirmed by some huge brands in the smartwatch market, and a brilliant digital marketing campaign which aims to help the mental health crisis in the UK.

Reactive Social Media Marketing: How Innocent Smoothie Are A Success

Reactive social media marketing is something that some brands do much better than others.

ASOS and KFC are well-known for reactive marketing on their social media accounts. Earlier this year, ASOS was praised by social media users for its witty response to the viral photo of a woman sat in a backless seat on an EasyJet flight – it was hailed ‘10/10 for marketing’.

Back in 2018, KFC created a very ‘FCKing’ clever social media campaign. When it suffered supply issues, the fast-food chain’s “#ChickenCrisis” was international news. The brand was in crisis, and customers were left with a bitter taste. However, KFC – in the form of an apology advert – rearranged the letters of its name to spell out “FCK” on its chicken buckets – managing to transform marketing mayhem into a brand breakthrough.

In October, we saw Innocent Smoothie take the reactive social media marketing crown with its witty reaction to the infamous Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy WAG drama.

If you’re unaware of the scandal that the whole world seemed to be involved in, Coleen Rooney –  wife of the former England footballer Wayne Rooney – revealed she had published a series of false updates about her life on her private Instagram account in a bid to ensnare the person leaking them to The Sun. She then publicly accused Rebekah Vardy – wife of England footballer Jamie Vardy – of being the individual whose account was responsible.

It was the story that replaced Brexit (well, for a week) and was one of the most searched-for Google terms in the UK. Innocent Smoothie reacted quickly to the celeb gossip and saw a bold social media marketing opportunity to raise awareness and drive engagement for its brand-new juicy ‘Bolt From The Blue’ smoothie.

With the ever-growing popularity of social media and the unforeseen competition within our digital world, it’s of little wonder that reactive social media marketing is becoming more and more popular among brands to ensure they stand-out from the crowd.

In order to pull off a successful reactive campaign on social media, a brand has to be quick off the mark, brave, and bold. As proved by EasyJet, KFC and Innocent Smoothie.

A Big Change for the Digital Smartwatch Market: Google Acquires Fitbit for $2.1 billion

As well as the drama, October brought a month of speculated rumours. Is Google really buying Fitbit? It turns out the answer to that question is yes! Google has agreed to acquire fitness tracking company Fitbit for a whopping $2.1 billion, with the deal set to close in 2020.

Fitbit’s technical skill could help Google come up with a wearable to take on big rivals. Most notably Apple, who have embraced healthcare as the next big battleground in the tech world, attracted by the promises of big profits.

Google’s move will give it the opportunity to be innovative in the wearable digital smartwatch market. An area Google has been trying to break into for several years and has even developed its operating system for digital smartwatches – Wear OS.

What does Google acquiring Fitbit mean for the digital smartwatch market? Well, unsurprisingly Apple is currently dominating the business, capturing almost 46% of the market. However, now Google has acquired the fitness-tracker brand, it sits second in the wearable band market, at 24%.

Google is going to have to do some serious work in order to build a name of its own and beat out Apple. We’re not doubting Google since it has bought a sizeable chunk of the market, coupled with its Wear OS system it has been building over several years.

If Google and Fitbit pull this off, we definitely think it’ll be a worthy competitor in the digital smartwatch market and to the Apple Watch. Why? Google products are much more open, whereas Apple is less flexible – Apple products work best with Apple products.

We believe this move could make a seriously big impact on what we’ll be wearing on our wrist in the future, and it’s no wonder Google urgently wants to get into the digital smartwatch industry which is set to double to $34 billion by 2023!

A Digital Campaign to help tackle the UK’s Mental Health Crisis

Public Health England’s (PHE) new digital hub, Every Mind Matters, launched at the beginning of October, aiming to tackle the UK’s mental health crisis.

Broadcasters, including Nadiya Hussain, came together on 7th October, 8:45pm, to promote PHE’s new digital hub with a powerful roadblock ad across ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky channels. The aim of the digital campaign was to drive awareness of PHE’s new hub, as well as encourage discussion about mental health.

The new digital hub offers clear advice on what to do if people are struggling, it’s a whole toolkit that helps support and offers practical advice to people. The roadblock ad strategy encouraged a huge ‘stand-out moment’ for the digital campaign when it launched in early October.

As well as this huge TV ad, which will also be shown on on-demand services, PHE is using highly targeted adverts to ensure the digital campaign reaches the people who need it the most. It will target signals of metal health problems given out by online behaviour via search, social media and programmatic display activity. For example, if someone’s scrolling through Instagram at 2am, they might see an advert explaining how to get help with insomnia.

PHE will measure volume numbers, engagement and time spent on the ‘Every Mind Matters’ site to measure the success of the digital campaign.

At our Leeds PR agency, we’re very interested to see how this campaign turns out, but we believe it’s a great digital campaign that will hopefully help individuals who are struggling the most by targeting them via social media and their online behaviour.

October turned out to be a busy month with some big developments in the digital world, and with November being just a month before Christmas we’re certain it’ll be an even busier month for big brands, their campaigns, and their social media channels – so don’t forget to check back to see what they’ve been up to!

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