Great Things Are Still Happening

By Tim Sinclair

As the world continues to face the Covid-19 pandemic, the global economy is precarious, business uncertain and millions of us are still separated from our colleagues during lockdown. This might sometimes seem like a hopeless time to be thinking about boosting creativity and progression but it’s worth remembering that some of humankind’s greatest achievements emerge from adversity.

In the first weeks of the Coronavirus pandemic scientists, designers and innovators began quickly offering solutions to the challenges presented by the spread. Innovations such as new platforms for online teaching, hands-free door openers, a snorkelling mask adapted for medical use, speciality hospitals built within days and Ferrari’s F1 team unveiling a new pulmonary ventilator – conceived and built in only five short weeks.

An impressive range of companies and industries responded and adapted swiftly, organisations we are proud to know and work with are among them. Wax Lyrical, for example, best known as one of the UK’s top home fragrance brands, switched production to respond to the crisis by providing much needed hand sanitiser for NHS organisations. The Royal Mint, ordinarily producing the nation’s coins, admitted knowing nothing about protective visors before the pandemic took hold but, within seven hours of tasking their engineers with the challenge, a medical visor was developed. Just 48 hours later the life-saving design had been medically approved ready for manufacture.

Organisations are adapting in other inspiring ways too. Scotty’s Little Soldiers, for example, is a charity very close to Wolfstar’s heart. Supporting children who have lost a parent in the Armed Forces is more important than ever but has also become more difficult since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak. Despite this, they continue to be an inspiration, from virtual fundraising marathons, sponsored at-home silences, Snowdon stair climbs and the support team working flat out to ensure members never feel isolated, Scotty’s, like many charities, are still managing to do incredible things.

Positive deeds now will impact how people remember you in the future.”

Throughout history too there are examples of greatness that emerge from the most trying situations. It’s thought philosopher Sir Isaac Newton first began to develop his notion of gravity while in quarantine from the plague that was affecting Cambridge at the time. Perhaps less historically important but delicious all the same; the recipe for chocolate chip cookies was created during the Great Depression. The story goes that Ruth Graves Wakefield was unable to get hold of her usual cooking chocolate so instead broke a chocolate bar into pieces, assuming they would melt rather than form the little chocolate chips we have since come to know and love.

Let’s move forward together.

There are countless examples of those who have prospered from times of adversity and of how greatness is sparked from periods of crisis and it’s worth keeping them in mind. It is useful to observe what is happening and to learn from it. It serves to inspire and encourage us and remind us that one day we will look back on the current situation and remark on the stories of positivity, innovation and success that came about as a result.

The success of our businesses depends on our bravery, optimism and us adapting to the changes we face. There’s no certainty about when this crisis will slow down or end, or how our businesses will be impacted. However, constraints can often be beneficial and can accelerate progress rather than inhibit it. If we use the change wisely, as an opportunity for innovation, growth and learning, we’ll know, once it’s over, that we put our all into making sure some good came of it.

Progressive, positive deeds now will impact how people remember you in the future. How has your company innovated and adapted during this time of crisis?

Let us know and we can help you tell your story to the right people.