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Wolfstar’s advisory board ensures that we remain at the cutting-edge of PR and social media communications development and technological advances. All the members are leaders in their respective fields. Their input is invaluable.

Strategic partnerships: Bachi Mehta

Following a 20 year career in investment banking with JP Morgan, Bachi has turned his hand to investments of another kind. He is a serial entrepreneur and has founded several businesses across a wide variety of sectors in the the last few years.

Beginning in 2006 with the founding of social media training consultancy Tiger Two, Bachi’s career outside of financial services has included both the directorship of a property company, the Building Systems Company and the creation of his own events business Petrolhead Nirvana.

Bachi will be taking on an advisory role working primarily with our innovation team to build partnerships and help develop new models.

Technology advisor: Jag Singh

Jag Singh is a leading digital expert who co-founded the online political campaigning and advertising agency MessageSpace. Jag frequently advises on issues relating to the usage of technology within the political arena, and has advised several US Presidential candidates including Wes Clark, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. In the UK, Jag most recently served as the Director of Digital Communications for the NO to AV referendum campaign, which garnered over 14 million votes (68% of the total). When it comes to translating the online world into real-world votes and actions, Jag stands out as one of the most experienced practitioners around.

He was also a co-founder of, one of the Labour Party’s first attempts at engaging with and reinvigorating its grassroots. was sold for a handsome profit to a large publishing group in 2008, one of the first such transactions in the UK for a blog. Jag is also a trained economist who entered University at the age of 16.

Media advisor: Oliver Poole

Oliver Poole is an award-winning Foreign Correspondent for the Evening Standard and Independent titles. In his career he has reported from war zones including Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq, where he was based during the worst years of the civil war.

He has written two books, “Red Zone: Five Bloody Years in Baghdad’ and ‘Black Knights: On the Bloody Road to Baghdad’. He was previously a Foreign Reporter for The Daily Telegraph, and has written for the BBC, Guardian, Times and South China Morning Post.

Academic link member: Dee Searle

Dee is an experienced senior manager and strategist, with skills in digital development, external and internal communication, youth engagement, branding, campaigning and fundraising acquired during a varied career encompassing the United Nations, Channel 4 Television, Oxfam and Amnesty International.

She started out as a journalist, including as a foreign correspondent for The Guardian, Time Magazine and BBC World Service. She then moved into developing charities and campaigning organisations in the UK and internationally, which led her to research and write on the challenges of effective communication in the non-profit world. She is the former Director of Communication and External Affairs at University of the Arts London and is currently involved in launching IF – This University is Free, an initiative that aims to provide free education in the humanities for young people deterred from university by high fees.

Academic link member: Paul Willis

Paul is the director of the Centre for Public Relations Studies at Leeds Business School, a think-tank that delivers market leading research, consultancy and educations to communications professionals. He is an active researcher and has presented both in the UK and abroad on topics as diverse as the stakeholder analysis, community engagement and social media. His work can also be found in many academic journals and text books.

Before joining the Centre for Public Relations Studies, Paul was the deputy managing director of Ptarmigan Consultants, an award winning public relations agency that grew to be one of the most successful independent PR operations in the UK. He is a member of the International Communication Association and an expert advisor to LGComms, the national body in the UK for local government communications.

Information Security Specialist: Don Gibson

Don began his career in the investment banking sector, becoming the Information Security Specialist and Global Expert on Electronic Transferable Media, USB Drives and Portable Device Computing for Citibank. Don was also a key member of the team involved with the audit of external companies supplying technological services to Citigroup.

He founded consultancy firm Omnia Quae Ltd in 2009 in order to provide information security and compliance services to the Banking and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Don has an enviable reputation for creating secure information security frameworks and brings his extensive knowledge and plain speaking approach to Wolfstar, and our clients, ensuring that the security risks inherent in social media are truly mitigated.

B2B Information Technology PR Specialist: Stephen Meredith

Stephen has over 25 year’s senior level agency and client side experience delivering creative and award winning PR, AR and market communications programmes for a broad range of businesses and public sector organisations. For the past 15 years Stephen has focused exclusively on the B2B Information technology and Internet security sectors working with both multi-national enterprises and early stage businesses to take innovative, sector-disruptive solutions to a global market.

Through his work in the security sector Stephen has been responsible for generating extensive client coverage on a range of specialist subject areas including online user authentication, network threat/risk assessment, DLP, security compliance regulations, DDoS and dynamic IPS solutions.