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Consultancy and campaigns

At the core of our business is a PR agency, and just like any other agency we offer strategic counsel and execute campaigns. Where we differ from most other agencies is in the nature of our expertise and the breadth channels through which we can work. We help clients understand the impact the social media is having / is likely to have on their businesses, to create strategies that will make the most of opportunities whilst minimising risk, and to deliver campaigns in new ways and through new media.

Social media and PR

Wolfstar is the UK’s longest established PR and social media agency. That means that, since 2007, we’ve been helping some of the world’s biggest brands to get to grips with social media, listen to what their customers are saying, understand the conversations that are happening and engage with them in the right way.

Research and insight

Wolfstar has developed a set of research tools, processes and metrics that help our clients to make sense out of social media. Our social media audit is designed to filter out the vast amount of “white noise” and help you get to the right information whether that is mapping influencers, monitoring your competitors, picking out key trends or simply understanding what people are saying about you.

Digital projects

We’re not a digital agency but, through a programme that we call our confederacy, we work with some of the most talented freelancers in the country to create engaging websites, applications, widgets and interactive content. The confederacy gives us access to vast resources of digital talent without the overheads of a traditional digital agency, meaning that we are often able to inject a little realism into the costing of web builds.